MEDIA RELEASE: Royal Randwick becomes first venue in Australia to achieve Five Stars for Safety and Security

10 August 2017

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Royal Randwick becomes first venue in Australia to achieve Five Stars for Safety and Security


    • Australian Turf Club (ATC) – Royal Randwick venue has become the first venue in Australia to achieve a Five Star STAT Accreditation rating after undergoing an independent and objective risk and safety assessment by Secure Tours and Travel.
    • STAT accreditation is a unique safety and security tool that has been developed by Secure Tours and Travel and is specifically designed for the tourism, hospitality and event industries.
    • ATC has embarked on a new Domestic and International tourism strategy and sees the STAT Accreditation Rating as a “valuable marketing tool both domestically and internationally” to demonstrate their commitment to safety performance and security risk.
    • STAT Accreditation combines a Security Risk Assessment and a WHS Assessment to provide an overall Accreditation rating. Current industry standards include self-assessment and internal audit where security risk and WH&S Compliance are assessed separately. STAT Accreditation provides the industry with an independent, objective and complete assessment of safety and security standards, while the STAT Accreditation Rating provides participating organisations with a tangible representation of the safety and security standards that they have met.
    • Australian Turf Club (ATC) Royal Randwick is among one of the first venues in Australia to undergo a STAT Assessment and is the first to achieve a Five Star rating for their safety and security.

Creating a track record for Safety and Security

Australian Turf Club (ATC) Royal Randwick venue has become the first venue in Australia to achieve a Five Star STAT Accreditation Rating after undergoing an independent and objective risk and safety assessment that has been designed specifically for the tourism industry by Secure Tours and Travel.

Australian Turf Club, Tourism and Business Incentive Manager, Natalie Young said “We are thrilled to receive the 5 Star rating, as it demonstrates Royal Randwick’s commitment to safety and security of our guests and staff”.

“Given the worldwide threat of terrorism, the challenge of balancing the guest experience with optimal security management practices is a top-priority for Royal Randwick’s, Security and Risk Management team. We want to ensure a safe and secure environment as well as a fun and enjoyable one”.

Founder of Secure Tours and Travel and Security Specialist Matthew Harrison said “Australia enjoys a strong reputation as being a safe and secure destination and this is something we want to build on. The Australian tourism industry knows that we are not immune to threats but complacency is the biggest threat of all.

While there is a dedicated focus from people in intelligence, border protection and policing there needs to be a greater understanding and approach from, accommodation providers, attractions, venues and event organisers”

While the current industry standard for assessing and showing safety measures is self-assessment and internal audit. STAT Accreditation combines a security risk assessment and a WH&S assessment that is independent and objective of the venue.

Harrison added, “The STAT Accreditation demonstrates that Royal Randwick is a safe and secure location for guests. ATC have met all the requirements and exceeded them in a number of areas. By undertaking the assessment, they’re saying that they are not afraid to be looked at independently, and have guaranteed that nothing has been strategically excluded. They were very open with the assessment, I had complete access to all areas and they were very forthcoming with information”.

Providing the Tourism Industry with a Recognised Mark for showing Safety and Security standards

 Researched conducted by Tourism Australia in 2016 showed that Safety and Security was rated the most important factor in selecting a destination by 54 per cent of people in key overseas markets, ahead of value for money and natural beauty. As ATC move ahead with their domestic and international tourism strategy being able to show their safety and security credentials forms an important part of this strategy.

“With our new Domestic and International Tourism Strategy the safety and security of our guests whilst visiting Royal Randwick is of the utmost importance and as we increase our footprint within the international tourism sector, gaining this accreditation is paramount” Young said.

“The 5 Star STAT Accreditation given to Royal Randwick is a recognised mark of event safety and security which is a valuable marketing tool both domestically and internationally. The accreditation demonstrates our commitment to improving safety performance and Security Risk”.

It is the ability of the Australian tourism industry to prove their safety and security chops to potential visitors who increasingly demand this information that lead Harrisson to develop the STAT Accreditation rating. “In an Industry that is competing internationally and wanting to increase visitation from high yielding individuals, and the business and conference sectors, I saw gaps in the ability to prove that Australia can provide the safety and security that travellers are looking for. Many of our venues exceed international standards but they have no way of showing it. The STAT Accreditation rating provides tangible proof of the safety and security standards they have met”

“As a venue Royal Randwick attracts high yielding individuals, celebrities, and a high volume of guests on race days. The venue is also used for business events on non-race days. By undertaking the STAT Accreditation, ATC are setting the benchmark and setting themselves up as destination for travellers and guests who may have specific safety concerns. They’re showing that have the ability to facilitate any type of function.

Royal Randwick sees over a million guests per year across Race Day experiences and Non race day Business events. Next to undergo the STAT Accreditation process is the Rosehill Raceway venue.


Secure Tours and Travel (Secure Tours) is a Luxury Australian Travel Company with a focus on safety and security. Secure Tours distinguishes itself in the market with a distinct focus on safety and security. Offering services like close personal protection, chaperones, event safety. and specialised services for travelling students, artist and athletes. Secure Tours is also the developer of STAT Accreditation and The STAT Accreditation rating system.


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