Secure Tours and Travel is your companion to an exclusive world of luxury travel, convenience and accessibility with our unique focus on safety, security and discretion.


Seamless travel arrangements for those seeking a business or leisure experience in a private, and safe and secure environment.

  • Hand crafted, luxury experiences
  • Feel secure in the knowledge that your travelling party is in safe hands
  • Exclusive vetting of venues and locations using our unique assessment process
  • Close personal protection, concierge and chaperone services
  • Executive retreats
  • Study tours
  • Private travel management
  • Media management
  • Yacht/ watercraft management
  • Aircraft management
  • Drivers and minders


A complete 24/7 concierge service.

With an understanding that many VIPs do not travel with their PAs or management teams, Secure Tours corporate services can provide support and assistance with travel itineraries, business meetings and personal appointment schedules.

Secure Tours will always go the extra mile to deliver attention to detail, ensuring that you travel safely and comfortably. Behind the scenes we will update the client’s management team or PA of any changes and send you an itinerary detailing your client’s trip from start to finish.

Concierge services Include

  • Premium Sporting events and match tickets, including corporate boxes
  • Top level restaurant reservations
  • Concert and theatre tickets
  • Museum and places of interest recommendations
  • Inner circle access
  • On demand employee benefits
  • Virtual assistance
  • Specialty and/or high value goods procurement
  • Private experiences
  • Personal branding and style
  • Drivers and minders


The world we live in has changed, in the current risk environment close personal security solutions for your key personal, prominent clients, VIPs and their families is a smart choice. Secure Tours and Travel provides a number of solutions that should be part of any businesses continuity and risk planning including:

  • Assessment and education
  • Protection in transit
  • Close personal protection
  • Surveillance
  • Counter measure programmes

We provide your senior management with guidelines to follow which will enhance their personal safety and we recommend basic procedures, which are designed to dramatically reduce your exposure to this risk.

Our professional and discreet personnel will operate according to the cultural, political and religious environments in which they are required to work.


A network of solutions to manage as little or as much of your event as you require.

We are uniquely Australia’s only Luxury Travel and Event Management Company specialising in Event Safety and Security. This combined experience allows us to bridge that space between safety, risk-guidance, security, training and the objectives you have for your event.

As luxury tour operators Secure Tours are also equipped to partner with you either produce or book travel arrangements for activities happening in or around your event. These include:

  • Pre or post conference/event travel arrangements for your speakers or attendees,
  • Study tours,
  • Drivers and chaperones,
  • Executive retreats,
  • Unique experiences.
  • In many cases your international guest speakers, attendees or VIPs are likely to bring their families with them, Secure Tours can manage itineraries for and provide drivers or chaperones for these special guests




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