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Travel Trend: Where once the security of their possessions was the top of mind for travellers when they rated the overall performance of a hotel or destination; personal safety has now become front of mind. Secure Tours and Travel, Managing Director, Matthew Harrison was asked to comment on this trend for Spice News in relation to the Australian Market and the Security Travel Assessment Tool and Rating Systems that Secure Tours and Travel has developed as way for the hospitality industry to mitigate risks and convey their safety rating to potential guests.

About STAT Accreditation:

STAT Accreditation is a unique safety and security risk assessment tool that has been specifically designed for the tourism, hospitality and event industries.

STAT Accreditation is an objective and independent assessment that combines a Security Risk Assessment and WHS Risk Assessment to provide an overall accreditation rating using our exclusive system.

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SPICE NEWS-Leaders Forum-FEB 2017

“One of the greatest threats to event participants and inbound visitors comes from complacency” – Matthew Harrison

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